Palantir annual bonus

Microsoft / Eng 12shsu67
Aug 9 13 Comments

Receiving an offer from Palantir soon (SWE). Recruiter mentioned that bonuses are discretionary but didnt mention a target amount

Palantir employees, could you share your salaries and bonus amounts you’ve received in the past? Also, can I negotiate to make this bonus concrete (e.g. 15%)


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  • Palantir tomoss81
    Everyone gets the same bonus of 10 percent ish
    Aug 11 8
    • Microsoft / Eng 1&:!/&/8
      How much was the raise? Still considering an offer from Palantir
      Aug 19
    • Tesla / Design melonusk
      I think the standard is 20% raise after 18months of joining but I'm not sure about raises past that time frame.
      Aug 21
    • Zayo l0hIb25
      Last time I heard it’s 20% after 18mo and 5% every 12mo after that
      Aug 28
    • Tesla / Design melonusk
      Is the “5% every 12months” true for all employees across the company? This is in addition to the regular 10% annual bonus right
      Aug 28
    • Zayo l0hIb25
      That’s what I heard - they got rid of annual reviews so unless you’re on a PIP or something you get the 5%
      Aug 28
  • New / Eng saxsky93
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    Aug 9 0
  • Palantir / IT

    Palantir IT

    It's different now. It's worked out as a percentage of the average salary of your cohort (the group you started with) and that percentage is based on how the company is doing. Expect it to be around 10-20%. The 20% after 18 months and 5% every 12 after it is actually pay raises on your base for all employees
    Sep 5 0
  • Salesforce abc7393)
    At least mention your yoe!!
    Aug 10 0
  • Tesla / Design melonusk
    Aug 9 0


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