Palantir “existing code base” interview

The Home Depot rgLV21
Mar 17 8 Comments

I was given my interview itinerary for an on-site with Palantir and one of the interviews is an “existing code base” interview where they’ll give me access to a Java code base and ask me to make some change.

Has anyone else done this before? How hard was it? What should I expect?


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  • Microsoft M💰FT
    Sounds like free consulting work
    Mar 17 0
  • Microsoft lotty
    They will show you a codebase with some tests that fail. Your task is to make them pass by identifying and correcting bug(s). They want to see how good can you dive in a piece of code you don't know
    Mar 17 0
  • CenturyLink OsOpOrAaT
    I’ve a web crawler code base of about 600 lines and multiple test cases to fix. I can send you that if you wanna practice.
    Mar 17 2
    • The Home Depot rgLV21
      Yeah that would be great!
      Mar 17
    • New numaye
      Could I get that as well?
      Jun 24
  • Google iambackag
    How is TC at Palantir? (L6 eng manager)
    Mar 17 2
    • Palantir SurlyJ0E
      Complete and utter shit.
      Mar 17
    • Google iambackag
      The bad shit I assume, thanks
      Mar 17


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