Palantir new grad interview process

New wqBn74
Apr 22 4 Comments

little Brother had Palantir new grad interview process in NY, he was given three rounds and product demo but not asked to stay after. He said one of the 6 candidates after demo was asked to stay. Is he fucked? Worried for him


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Facebook / Eng infima
    I got asked to stay to speak with hiring managers and received the offer few days later. Longest ever interview for me, I was onsite from 9am-6pm.
    Apr 22 0
  • New / Eng rksh
    What is palantir? What's their product and what does it even do? It's apparently more harder than Google interview according to quora answers
    Apr 22 0
  • Microsoft hackeddd
    I’d say most likely reject
    Apr 22 0
  • Facebook GJlG87
    Was in the same scenario, wasn’t asked to stay after, got rejected.
    Apr 22 0