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New phzt36
Jan 17 6 Comments

How to prepare to the onsite interviews at Palantir? Almost everything is clear with FANG, but don't know any info about Palantir interview prep. I have an upcoming onsite interview in 3-4 weeks.
Role: SWE
1 y.o.e., new grad role, London. 400+ solved LC


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  • Microsoft / Eng l f
    does Palantir even ask lc questions? Heard they ask the hardest questions.
    Jan 17 1
    • I think this is correct. It's not really a leetcode style interview ala big N
      Jan 22
  • Oracle imnotalpha
    I’m applying to Palantir London too. (I plan to apply at the end of this month and move from sf to london) do you know if they’re working on something good in London? I thought it was just bug fixing for gotham and foundry.
    Jan 17 3
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      Google, Microsoft
      Don't move to London, it's a trap. TC is poor
      Jan 17
    • Palantir XTBX14
      Most of the Foundry dev teams are in London, definitely not just bug fixing. It’s our second-largest office by headcount.
      Jan 26
    • Oracle aaaiee
      Are there still active updates going on? What do they do?
      Jan 26