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I have booked tickets to paris along with hotels. What else do i need to get travel visa. How long does it take . Nearest center to san Diego


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  • Facebook aN48dH
    Book an appointment in their consulate in LA, bring tickets, hotel reservation, some cheap travel insurance (I bought from insuremytrip for $17), the visa questionnaire and some envelope with return labels. They will take a picture of you, charge your credit card and return your passport after 1 week in the envelope that you provided.
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  • Broadcom Ltd. Matsumoto
    once you start the application process mentioned in the weblink in the previous post you'll get to know. There is a checklist there. Application form, photo, itinerary, tickets, hotel reservations etc. Vfs handles french visa in USA, it came inside of two weeks, but do apply asap to be safe
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  • Qualcomm Defective
    If you are an American citizen, just show up and demand entry by right. They're French after 1815, not like they can do anything to stop you. If you're Indian go to this website and figure it out. Note the French Consulate General in LA does not handle visas, and the French Honorary Consulate here doesn't provide any real services useful to you for travel though they do put on cool cultural events I suppose.
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  • Taylor Farms azerty_
    Place Pigale
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  • Atlassian d@t_person
    I hope u like 🚬
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  • Fast Enterprises / Eng nskcjx4
    Get some oils to paint the French girls
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