Pay for the wall and get GC

Manhattan Associates / R&D

Manhattan Associates R&D

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Jan 11 10 Comments

How much would you pay for a GC...

5K for 1.5 year
10K for 9 months
25K within 3 months
50K within a month

Trump would accept this proposal as a win - win....

Thoughts 🤔🤔🤔🤔


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  • American Express aomfcy
    The issue at hand is not lack of money. It's about where to spend it. If it's possible to raise an additional $5 billion from immigration or any other source, there are other places it could be spent. So the question is would the Congress think the wall is the right place to spend that extra cash? I don't think they would.
    Jan 11 0
  • American Express aomfcy
    US already has a visa program which does something similar. Check out the EB-5 visa. US attracts over $5 billion in investments through this program. 10,000 visas issued for a minimum investment of 500,000 or 1 million dollars
    Jan 11 3
    • Microsoft UMbR31
      That's an investment. OP talking about paying a one time fee here.
      Jan 12
    • American Express aomfcy
      I know it's not exactly the same. A five year locked in investment has
      a cost. It's similar enough that you can learn from it.
      Argument against: "It says that U.S. citizenship is for sale. It is wrong to have a special pathway to citizenship for the wealthy while millions wait in line for visas." - bipartisan statement from senators who wanted to terminate the program.
      Argument for: A 2015 study found that the EB-5 investor visa program boosted investment in the United States during the Great Recession of 2008 to 2012.
      Jan 12
    • American Express aomfcy
      The OPs proposal is more literally a sale of citizenship. We'd be better off increasing national debt by $5 billion and issue some bonds.
      Jan 12
  • Apple magikarp16
    How about I pay 0 and not get the wall.

    - Indian btw
    Jan 11 1
    • HP / Eng Modulus
      One-sided deal. Nobody will work with you again. #NotArtOfTheDeal

      How about you pay 0 and just labor to help build the wall.
      Jan 11
  • Microsoft oMAG58
    Rich people are not better people.
    Jan 11 0
  • Microsoft UIVy78
    How about 0 for Trump to kiss my ass. I already got my gc ha ha
    Jan 11 1
    • Facebook newsfeed
      Do you know he can still expel you? Better watch out.
      Jan 11

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