Pay visa fees for H1-B Stamping in Mexico

Oath 35F
Oct 13 10 Comments

How do we pay visa fees for H1-B stamping in Mexico? As per website, they require money to be deposited physically in a bank in Mexico.


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  • There is a WhatsApp group by ernesto and Venkat and they help you pay the fee and also other stuff... they charge a fee..

    See if you can negotiate with them.. h1b fee is normally 190$ and they charge 50/60$ around 240 or 250$

    I went to Tijuana for h1 stamping in July and everything was fine..
    Oct 13 7
    • Roku cruella
      Oct 13
    • eBay eBaby!!
      Really helpful info. ThanksπŸ™πŸΏ
      Oct 13
    • Welcome and good luck..
      Oct 13
    • eBay eBaby!!
      How long it took to get your passport?
      Oct 13
    • Monday finger print, Tuesday interview, Wednesday pp picked and back in states by night..
      Oct 13
  • Roku cruella
    Yes. So weird.
    Oct 13 0
  • Oath 35F
    No appointments are available in Tijuana. Is it closed?
    Oct 14 0


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