PayPal Return Offer TC ?

PayPal SRcoddy
Aug 10 10 Comments

I interned in PayPal this summer and got a return offer at L23 (Master's Student) my Base pay is 120k, stocks 30k vested over 3 years, joining bonus 15k and relocation of 7.5k. Year end bonus of 10%.

I am graduating in May 2020 & Wanted to know if this is a standard offer for returning SDE Intern at PayPal and what is scope of Negotiation ?


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  • New / Data

    New Data

    Microsoft, Google
    Sick comp
    Aug 10 0
  • Amazon newAz
    Bay Area?
    Aug 10 4
    • PayPal mangomen
      Definitely SJ for that base.

      @op 100k base normal for regional. ~140k for SJ
      Aug 11
    • PayPal Coddy
      Yes I was interning in San Jose and offer is also for SJ
      Aug 11
    • PayPal mangomen
      Probably low end though imo. Negotiate with your 90 days to get it higher. If you're h1b then probably less possible
      Aug 11
    • PayPal wknu08
      It's L23... Base Sounds about right. Actually signon bonus is high and rsu low. Ask more of RSU's
      Aug 18
  • PayPal mts2
    I did it nothing happened
    Aug 12 0
  • Roku RokuRoku
    How was your interview for internship?
    Oct 13 0
  • You can get more in base if you really kicked ass and get your manager to vouch for you.
    Aug 12 0
  • PayPal mts2
    Yes this is the standard offer
    Aug 12 0


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