PayPal offer evaluation

Goldman Sachs l33tcode
Mar 7 10 Comments

Posting on behalf of my spouse

Paypal offer evaluation
Level 23, SWE 2, SAN JOSE
140k base
Bonus 10% - 50% as cash and 50% as stocks
RSUs 50k - vesting annually over 3 year period
Sign on 25k
They mentioned refreshers will be at least 50% of initial grant of RSUs . How true is this?

Master in CS ,YOE: 2+1 year of internship ,
Current TC : 130k+20k(bonus)+30k(stocks at current market price) and up for promotion in August.

Where can I negotiate here? Base is good but TC is not straight forward. What is possibility for Level 24(sde3) here?


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  • PayPal / Eng jamba.juic
    Agree with paypl. Offer is in upper limit of T23. Both Base and RSU component. I am guessing the interview went well. Ask for T24 instead and higher base. I don't think they will increase RSUs.
    Mar 11 0
  • PayPal paypl
    This is a solid offer for t23. At the top of the band for se2. If you want more you will have ask for level bump. Annual bonus always tends to be more than 10% since the 50% company portion always appreciates due to stock growth. RSU grant is very good for se2. You can expect 30-35k over 3 years of stock refresh at entry level for decent performance grade.
    Plus we also have ESPP which is very generous. You can contribute up to 10% of annual base pay to get company stocks at 15% discount at the lowest price (first and last day of the window with a look back) every six months. That's very lucrative too.
    Mar 8 0
  • PayPal / Eng #freefood
    What org?
    Mar 7 2
    • VMware nadnb
      PayPal has free food ?
      Mar 7
    • PayPal / Eng beepboopp
      No. Shit sucks
      Mar 7
  • Visa Chamelion
    Mar 7 1
    • Goldman Sachs l33tcode
      San Jose, updated post
      Mar 7
  • PayPal lifesaver
    Refreshers are a joke, do not factor in refreshers in your decision - assume zero
    Mar 8 0
  • PayPal / Eng LWAP14
    agree with paypl. this is the best offer ive seen for t23 so far. any higher would have to be a level bump.
    Mar 8 0
  • PayPal loki2019
    Decent offer for T23...T23 is offered to Recent college grads though so you could negotiate for T24.
    Mar 7 0


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