PayPal perks? Same at Venmo?

Jul 6 17 Comments

How are the perks for PayPal and owned companies? I had a chance to interview there but had to cancel due to exploding offer elsewhere. Would have been for mobile team at Venmo Chicago


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  • Bloomberg / Eng 7bd92"
    PayPal lays off the "bottom" 10% performing employees every year. Not an especially good place to work
    Jul 6 16
    • PayPal / Acctg

      PayPal Acctg

      Facebook, Netflix
      Stop making facts up - first it PayPal. Then after everyone said it’s not true, now it’s Amazon. Go home.
      Jul 13
    • Proactis / Eng

      Proactis Eng

      Harris, Lockheed Martin
      iOS Engineer
      Because it isn’t true
      Jul 13
    • Bloomberg / Eng 7bd92"
      It may not be true of PayPal, but it's definitely true of SWE's at Amazon. You can read that in many places on Blind.
      Jul 14
    • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
      I agree with the 10% PIP a year policy. IMHO every strong company should do that. I'd love to lay off our lowest performers and 'rest and vest' guys :/ I don't like engineers who are not passionate, and are not improving over time. And we have folks here who can't code, and they're on engineering roles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that's crazy. Replacing them by better engineers would only do favor to the company and all of their peers.
    • PayPal / Eng v3nm0
      replacing them with*