Paying back joining bonus and relocation

Microsoft MicroABC
Aug 20 8 Comments

Leaving Microsoft within a year. On the contract it says that we need to pay back the joining bonus and relocation. Is it strongly enforced or does it depend on the HR?


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  • Microsoft fuSB68
    Yes. Where are you going ? Why ?
    Aug 20 1
  • Why are you leaving in a year?
    Aug 20 1
    • Amazon / Eng AMZNBucks
      Probably wants a high TC
      Aug 20
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield wstf81
    Yes, you have to pay back everything. The gross amount. It’s really best to stick it out for the tenure. Besides you don’t want a reputation that you signed up for something and then backed out of an agreement.
    Aug 20 0
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Yep friend did the same, left after 9 months and had to pay back everything. Not sure how taxes worked out?
    Aug 20 0
  • Google SdrPikachu
    Aug 20 0
  • Workday 987wd
    Yeah, you will have to pay back the sign on bonus. Not sure how the taxes work tho. For example, if you have gotten $30k at the start, it was taxed and you might have gotten $15k. But now not sure if you will have to return $30k or $15k
    Aug 20 0


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