Pentagon ❤️ Microsoft

Brightcove moosepuck
Oct 25 10 Comments


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  • Amazon TiCi
    I wouldn’t imagine people care much since nobody would really see that much of a difference to their TC as a result of this
    Oct 25 4
    • Microsoft ly5e9i
      Agree. Nothing changed.
      Oct 25
    • Nintendo hvccvb
      I assume theres some sad drinking going on by a handful of people at amazon, some celebratory drinking by a handful of people at msft.
      Oct 25
    • Microsoft m1cr0s0fty
      More than TC, it's a big PR boost for Azure against AWS
      Oct 25
    • Amazon / Eng SEAFreeze
      Nobody gives a fuck though unless you're in sales. Microsoft doesn't give employees enough stock to really give a shit
      Oct 26
  • Amazon g’day!
    Seems like time to move to MSFT?
    Oct 25 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Microsoft, Amazon
    A *lot* of effort sunk into the Jedi bid. I guess it’s not all a loss bc it can be sold to other agencies
    Oct 25 0
  • Microsoft crazycrats
    Bezos will be firing some peeps on Mon
    Oct 25 1
  • Microsoft VtLe80
    MS beat the Q3 result in every aspects, but the stock went nowhere. Stock already went up 3% after hours due to JEDI news. A big PR boost.
    Oct 25 0


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