People cannot function well in ant hills

VMware -9
Oct 11 3 Comments

I visited a campus of some well respected company in SFBA lately. I hear engineers there are fairly well compensated. But their office space is a fucking human ant hill! Open space, too many employees cramped together in very small space. Yeah, the food is free, but there were huge lines to actually get the food, and then spend some more time searching for a free table!
And I thought VMware has way too many people per sq. feet available.
Does it bother anyone?


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  • I always saw big tech as a cattle ranch and your key badge is your cattle marker (those things on the ear of the cow)
    Oct 11 1
    • VMware -9
      Good joke, but seriously - these people are decently compensated - at least comparatively. But why work in such horrible environment?
      Oct 11
  • Uber fistulum
    Are you talking about Google? If so, then yes it bothers a lot of people, and eventually some of them leave.
    Oct 11 0


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