People latching on/claiming ownership of my to handle?

Cisco xaaefcswq
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While I really enjoy the pay of my job and the work I'm on -- and I am even thankful to be promoted three times now, I've been growing increasingly aggravated with the people I work with because they are latching themselves onto my work without doing anything.

I have a technical role here as a Sr. Data Engineer/Architect and some of the people I work with -- whether it's directly on my team or another organization...they will quite literally latch themselves onto projects I'm leading and talk to others as if they are either owning it or helping in some major way, when in fact they have been involved in zero conversations and I am the one leading and doing all of the technical work.

A quick example is that I'm helping our org move from on-premise Hadoop to the Cloud, and I've got at least 5 people from other teams saying they're helping on the project, when I can't even rely on 2 or 3 of them to write a simple SQL query for ETL, let alone write Bash scripts/Airflow/Kubernetes/design architectures for scale. They set up meetings and act as if they're designing some architecture and leading the way, when I've already got sign off from my VP/Director + I'm already done implementing a lot of it.

There's one person that literally can't even CD to a directory or SSH or do something as simple as FizzBuzz. They inject themselves into every conversation and act as if they are doing everything I am ++. Management sees this, and actually acknowledges the issue, but nothing has come of it in six months.

I am just curious to know if this is normal in your workplace and how do you deal with such a thing? I would normally go F2F with these people and hash out what's going in, but given that I work remote a lot and these people are actually on the other side of the US, I have no idea what they're saying F2F with other colleagues about how they're helping on some of my work.

Should I just look for another role if I'm unhappy after X amount of time? There are some super talented and fun people that I work with -- it's just a few that are making my day-to-day somewhat dreadful.

Thanks for reading.


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  • ARM / Other lllllllIII
    Be a JIRA warrior. Create very specific tickets for all the guys who do work instead of you. Escalate all way up if they are not closed.
    Sep 21 2
    • New AxoN33
      Similarly, document all the features you add and put your name on it. Documentation can be in the form of tickets, internal wiki pages, commit messages, etc. All this should hopefully introduce some accountability and show that you’re pulling the weight.
      Sep 21
    • Cisco xaaefcswq
      Great ideas as well. I will start doing this more. Slows you down at the beginning to make all the tickets, but I really like this.

      Thank you for your post!
      Sep 21
  • New


    Full Stack Dev - NorCal
    You could always lower your performance to their level to make them step it up...ur past promotions should speak for themselves in really shine a light on a dysfunctional team.
    Sep 21 1
    • Cisco xaaefcswq
      Haha great idea. Unfortunately I don’t think I could lose both my hands and still get down there. I also take a strong passion in my work, so I don’t really like sandbagging/ least for things I enjoy doing
      Sep 21
  • Delegate and make them actually do the work. If they can’t deliver, it will be shown.
    Sep 21 1
    • Cisco xaaefcswq
      Good thought, except my manager gives me these things because they already know. It’s just that nothings being done about the situation...

      I’ll try to work on this one, though. Thanks for your post
      Sep 21
  • Deloitte / Product

    Deloitte Product

    Hi There! How can I help?
    Are you with the Meraki team?
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