People on the phone

Tesla pHqF86
May 8 5 Comments

I’m annoyed when we’re at lunch, some coworkers go on the phone to browse. Isn’t that disrespectful to the other people? I have my phone with me, but I don’t go on Facebook or Instagram. If you find the other person boring then why go to lunch with them in the first


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  • GSK / IT EOyB27
    Avoid such people
    May 8 0
  • F5 Networks buzz-word
    Only if you consider yourself too important
    May 8 0
  • Microsoft BarFoo
    Oh boo fucking hoo.
    May 8 0
  • Micro Focus / Eng chmod777
    Just let it go and enjoy the other persons company even if you’re not directly interacting. I also used to get very offended when people would go on their phones, but I realized it’s pointless to be upset about something so trivial. Give them time to browse for a few minutes and I guarantee that most normal people put their phones away after a few minutes.
    May 8 0
  • New / IT Otih37
    Tech is the new norm. It is disrespectful IMHO if they're not responsive to conversation but beyond that, I've personally had plenty of great outings, phones involved, while maintaining meaningful conversation.

    Ultimately though, it is preference. If that's not your preference, find others with similar views.
    May 8 0