Perm Application Processing Time

Expedia HelloWld
May 16 6 Comments

How long does perm processing usually takes? My employer has sent a job classification request to DOL. It’s been about three months already since it was submitted. I haven’t heard back on it yet. Lawyer said it may take upto 4 months for DOL to process/approve job classification.
Is that usual or is it just me for whom it is taking too long?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Expedia HelloWld
    4-6 months just for job classification to be approved.?! Wow that’s interesting.
    May 16 1
    • Trend Micro / Eng SIgl46
      Welcome to America
      May 16
  • Arista Networks unVS80
    Yes it usually takes around 4-5 months.
    May 16 0
  • Microsoft


    Expedia Group
    Took a couple of months for me. It was unusually quick.
    May 16 0
  • New bmmC14
    PERM takes 6 months on average.
    May 16 0
  • LogMeIn ~Knight
    It took about 6 months for me filed last year
    May 16 0