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Veritas / Other 13Jija
Jul 22 9 Comments

Hello All - Is anybody using Personal Capital Cash? They are offering 2.35% interest. I am using their investment services and planning to park my cash in their account and get better interest rate than Chase.

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  • LinkedIn outrunned
    Sure, go for it, PersonalCapital is also good for net worth tracking, retirement calculation, and investment suggestions: .

    Wealthfront with 2.57% is good but it has a downside, when you withdraw, you have to withdraw all the money there. PersonalCapital cash account allows regular withdrawals of amount of money you determine.
    Jul 27 1
    • Veritas / Other 13Jija
      Yes, I am going ahead with Personal Capital Cash. I have already made investments via them. So, keeping it consolidated.
      Jul 27
  • Why not Wealthfront Cash Account @ 2.57% FDIC insured up to 1 million?
    Jul 22 1
    • Veritas / Other 13Jija
      Thank you for the suggestion. I prefer keeping my bank accounts consolidated. But, I will definitely evaluate this option.
      Jul 22
  • Dell x123
    CIT bank was offering 2.4x% some time ago on a savings.
    Jul 22 2
    • Citi? I looked it up a while ago. I wouldn’t trust it. They are very shady and cryptic about their offering.
      Jul 22
    • Dell x123
      Not citi but CIT. This is a real FDCIC bank. It worked pretty well for me.
      Jul 23
  • Cisco FIFM36
    Try discover savings bank account . They are giving around 2.2x %
    Jul 22 0
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