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PayPal Sngl
Mar 12 11 Comments

How do u working couples manage time to keep the relationship alive?
With a demanding child, house chores and office work we barely find time to speak to each other. It has already taken a toll on the relationship and looking for ways to revive.

We don’t spend time on Netflix/social media or working from home either. She leaves early and I return late to manage child’s school hours, that leaves us with very lil time together.


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Google vOw81
    We f*cking don't manage it. Hope you figure it out better than us. If I hear one more disappointed sigh from my husband for being too tired to want sex...
    Mar 121
    • Amazon burnt_0ut
      Here’s what worked for us: whoever is the more tired spouse just has to be willing, and the initiating spouse has to do “more of the work”. Almost every time, the tired spouse gets really into it after about 10 minutes.

      This was a total game changer for us and defeated a multi-year drought.
      Mar 12
  • Microsoft


    What is the point of having kids if you don't have time to pursue personal interests?!
    Mar 121
    • Wells Fargo / ITaggie
      Most helpful comment right here ^^^
      Mar 12
  • Oracle DMUe80
    Be sure to set aside time for yourself and your spouse. Not easy. Tech life sucks esp. when both are working in Bay Area and raising family.
    Mar 120
  • Microsoft PkgV62
    Set aside a dedicated date night at a minimum once a month, but preferably once a week. Get a sitter so you can go out relax and enjoy each other's company.
    Mar 120
  • Microsoft buzybee
    You can't do it all. Take help for chores from outside,this is the only way. Also make sure in your family time you're not doing office work. Use machines or outside help for major chores. Keep yourself for you n your family.
    Mar 120
  • It doesn’t work
    Mar 120
  • PayPal blindu5er
    Read about four burner theory. It addresses the exact same problem.
    Mar 120
  • Amazon burnt_0ut
    Figure out what can be dropped. Right now it’s your relationship, which bodes poorly for the future. See if you can wake up early and have family breakfast; or go out on Saturday night and have someone watch the kids. It’s a necessity to have time with your spouse or you’ll grow apart. Think of it as an investment in your marriage.
    Mar 120
  • AMD


    I outsource everything, including cooking and cleaning. I also have several babysitters that I use whenever we need time away.
    Mar 120

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