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May 2 9 Comments

So those of you who have taken personal training, how many days a week/month do you take it?
Per hour sessions can go easily up to $60 per hour, but Google pays half so it's about $30-35 / hr.

How do you plan it out? 2 days per week? I don't want a trainer everyday. Is it possible to meet twice every week and prepare a long term goal?

My goal is about 20 pounds weight loss and then gaining a bit of bulk.
I use to go the gym 3 years ago, so I have considerable bulk. Just need to lose a few pounds and target certain muscle groups, mostly upper body.


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  • What do personal trainers do? They can’t help you to lift weights anyway
    May 3 1
    • They sell themselves as more of a service to advise, motivate, and call you out to hold you accountable on whatever fitness goals you commit to.
      You're right that they can't "help you" when you're actually lifting (other than spotting and assisting) but they can save you from yourself if you're about to do something that will injure you due to improper form.
      May 3
  • Oath OPnd70
    I heard Googs reimburses for liposuction. All that delish foods adds up.
    May 3 0
  • Amazon curiousjo
    You don’t need everyday, 3 days per week works best. 2 is not bad too. It depends on your current level of fitness and goals. If you are a Starter, recommend 3 days a week.
    May 2 0
  • Tripwire


    Where do you guys find good personal trainers?
    May 2 1
    • Yelp / Eng SQN
      Usually at the gym
      May 2
  • Google reimburses your personal trainer?!
    May 2 1
  • Veriflow / Eng

    Veriflow Eng

    Two days a week works well.
    May 3 0


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