Personalized shopping app

EA / Engthinkalot
Nov 29

We are designing a site where you could see special deals, new products, coupons and discounts from brands and companies only you are interested in without signing up or giving any of your personal information even email except a small 3-5 question survey before browsing deals.

Would you be interested in such an app/website and how could you see yourself finding it useful using it on a daily/weekly basis? Are there existing sites that you already use and what advantages and disadvantages do they have?


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  • Amazon 123raj
    Nope. Information overload.
    Nov 290
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    How does it differ from eBates?

    I wouldn’t find it useful unless it found & send me the discounts and coupons without having to visit the site.

    I’m not interested in a discovery experience, I want to lower transactional costs.
    Nov 300
  • Amazon LEETCODE🙃
    Would be very intrigued to use the app if developed and functioning properly
    Nov 290

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