Phone interview with splunk

MathWorks I_dont_
Feb 25 6 Comments

I have a phone interview with splunk tomo . It is a backend role that requires c++ .. should I focus on algos and ds or c++ ? Also I could not see the job posting now in their careers page and LinkedIn says this job is no longer accepting applications . Does this mean the position is filled ?


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  • Indeed rage a lot
    Lol your interview is tomorrow and you’re asking about which topic to focus on today?
    Feb 25 2
    • MathWorks I_dont_
      I mean I have been leetcoding .. my concern is should I focus on c++ threading/stl stuff or continue to Leetcode..
      Feb 25
    • American Express
      JaJa JaJa

      American Express

      JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America
      JaJa JaJamore
      I was asked basic threading and rest API stuff
      Feb 25
  • MathWorks / Eng fawkes9093
    Did you also have a online test?
    Feb 25 1
    • MathWorks I_dont_
      No .. direct phone interview
      Feb 26
  • Verifone Wbyd73
    Hey..can u please Post the type of question asked for backend c++ role during phone interview and onsite .....please help
    Aug 30 0