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Deloitte chillgal@
Jun 24 8 Comments

Looking for recommendations for cell coverage in the Bay Area. Which service provider would you recommend? Verizon? T mobile, AT&T?



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  • Sprint RobReport
    If Sprint is an option, we have a plan for people who own their phones. 25 dollars a month. UNLIMITED high speed internet talk n text. Cant beat that.
    Jun 24 0
  • Google / Eng Dast46
    Google Fi. No T Mobile. Verizon too expensive
    Jun 24 3
    • Don't use a number you care about with Fi
      Jun 24
    • Google / Eng Dast46
      What you can always port if it's bad
      Jun 24
    • No, you can't. That's why you don't use a number you care about with Fi. If Google automated customer "service" suspends your account you will not be able to reactivate it and you will not be able to port out.
      Jun 24
  • Tesla / Eng swe_guy
    Mint mobile is unlimited everything for $15-25 per month
    Jun 24 1
    • ION Group FNpX01
      I’ve been using mint for like 9 months now. Sometimes it just flakes out.

      It sends calls directly to voicemail. Folks have said that sometimes the voicemail greeting is my voice some times it is the generic one where they recite the phone number.

      Sometimes calls get connected but neither of us can hear each other.

      Sometimes for no reason it will display a message Invalid sim.

      Sometimes when I call someone it will not ring on the other end it will just show that it is trying to dial out for extended periods of time.

      So it seems at least to me that you get what you pay for with mint. I’d not recommend it.
      Jun 24
  • Apple / Eng iThicc
    Google Fi if you have a lot of WWAN capable devices or take frequent short international trips.

    Otherwise TMobile.
    Jun 24 0


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