Physical Design Engineer Avg salary in the bay?

Synopsys V3FabF
Jul 3 12 Comments

What's the average salary of Physical Design Engineer in the Bay Area? I have 4YOE and my current TC is 130k

Tryna gauge bay area pay in coparison

If you guys have a range for what you think salary should be -- that would be helpful too.


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Apple pucccchhu
    Come to Apple for better pay. PM me for referral
    Jul 4 3
    • Synopsys batm@N1
      Thanks. I have another offer which I have already taken
      Jul 4
    • Batman where to ?
      Jul 5
    • Aricent / Design

      Aricent Design

      Hi. Can u refer me at apple for cpu or gpu team . I have 8 yrs of experience in physical design.
      Aug 1
  • Intel dijsosys
    TC 160-170k in most companies.. Google apple may beat it and you may reach close to 200k
    Jul 3 1
    • Microsoft Random.ran
      BN. NB 😋😒😏😏☺️
      Jul 4
  • Synopsys batm@N1
    I have 12 yoe and still at 185 tc, i had an intel offer at 210K which I turned down because I was stupid enough to think i will get a hike this year ,,,,!
    Jul 4 3
    • Synopsys / R&D WSTi75
      Batm@N1 Are you referring to the total composition or just a base pay ?
      Jul 4
    • Synopsys batm@N1
      Jul 4
    • Google poDV10
      Sr SWE or Staff or Sr. Staff ?
      Jul 8
  • AMD / Design

    AMD Design

    Intel Corporation, AMD, Qualcomm, Apple, NVIDIA, Google
    MS+4 or BS+4? there seems to be large variation
    Jul 4 0
  • Apple snelq
    200k 5 yoe.
    Jul 3 0