Pinterest PIPs

New homer32
Oct 22 18 Comments

How often do you see PIPs at Pinterest? On a scale of 1 to Facebook/Netflix, where do they stand?

Is there anxiety associated with working at Pinterest, like do you constantly worry about meeting expectations?


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  • Google / Eng dcaser
    Anxiety stems from the company disappearing in the next 5 years
    Oct 22 3
    • New / Eng 00ck52
      Pinterest isn't doing that bad. If Snap is still around I'm sure Pinterest will be fine.
      Oct 22
    • Tableau krxi15
      Seriously how do you work at Google and have no reasoning and logic behind your comments.

      A 10+B valued company with a 1+B revenue doesn’t vanish like that.
      Oct 22
    • Pinterest RRedington
      “Pinterest isn't doing that bad. If Snap is still around I'm sure Pinterest will be fine.” This is accurate.
      Oct 23
  • Microsoft xIdC37
    Do they call them unpinning?
    Oct 22 4
    • Wayfair hitman047
      Oct 22
    • Pinterest RRedington
      Not gonna lie, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read on blind
      Oct 23
    • Yelp pofnalb
      @Rredington, any observations related to PIP at Pinterest?
      Oct 24
    • Pinterest RRedington
      Nope, I have not been involved in any from either side in my time at Pinterest, so I can’t really speak to them at the company, but I have experience in both sides at previous companies.
      Oct 24
  • Amazon real_bezos
    Why isn’t it 1 to Amazon bruh?
    Oct 22 5
    • Cerner / Eng serchnggg
      Is it that bad in amazon?
      Oct 22
    • New homer32
      Haha I was debating between Facebook and Amazon, forgive me
      Oct 22
    • Amazon real_bezos
      It wouldn’t have been that bad if there’s open communication. But the major challenge I see is managers using PIP as a political tool. Creating that pressure on employees, even if they are good working.
      Oct 22
    • Netflix / Eng BlndrThngs
      Amazon would have been a better choice than Netflix, there’s no PIP here.
      Oct 23
    • Bloomberg d5s28nr327
      No PIP: you just get fired
      Oct 25
  • They became more aggressive on pip recently, each mgr has been assigned certain quota of pip. Heard about engs laid off because of perf. So just fyi.
    Oct 25 2
    • Yelp hvb7kn
      Whoa, that is concerning as I was considering joining. Can you elaborate on the quota aspect?
      Is it structured in a way to where a manager has to essentially find someone to PIP every quarter/year?
      Oct 26
    • Pinterest Pinteres
      This is not true
      Oct 27


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