Pittsburgh city and dating scene

Microsoft eUyF35
Nov 7 18 Comments

I am considering an offer from Uber ATG in Pittsburgh. I am sure Ill save a whole lot but location matters to me.

How is the city - weather, night life, dating scene, young professionals etc


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  • Google portune
    Night life, dating scene and young professionals all exist at a mid level city level
    Nov 7 0
  • eBay zxdRc4?
    Nov 7 2
    • Microsoft eUyF35
      Does it snow there - for how long? Currently in South Carolina it’s cold 3 months in an year, how about Pittsburgh?
      Nov 7
    • Google portune
      Snows quite a bit between dec and March, and some snow before and after
      Nov 7
  • Postmates vEeU14
    Full of Stoolers fans
    Nov 7 0
  • Facebook neco
    Really bad, good full of married people and people who lived there their whole life
    Nov 17 6
    • Facebook neco
      Lol I moved out of there as fast as I could
      Nov 17
    • Microsoft Peaceouttt
      Really that bad?
      Nov 17
    • Microsoft Peaceouttt
      Where did ya move to
      Nov 17
    • Facebook neco
      Bay area, it's super bad. People in Pittsburgh are mostly natives. Very uncultured and unworldly. If you're caucasian American and would like to find yourself a simple wife, then you'll be okay. But otherwise you're in trouble
      Nov 17
    • Microsoft Peaceouttt
      I’m thinking to join Uber in Pittsburgh because the other offer I have in Bay area is pretty average.

      Uber (Pittsburgh): ~230 TC
      Microsoft (Bay area): 190 TC

      I’m looking to live in a happening city and not necessarily save a ton of money.

      Let’s chat? ill dm you
      Nov 17
  • Airbnb / Eng Aerobed
    What’s TC for Uber ATG Pittsburgh like?
    Nov 7 3
  • Microsoft NrWF67
    Why the f are so many Microsoft folks joining Uber ATG?
    Nov 21 0
  • State Farm sweeeeee
    Pretty good dating and nightlife. Two universities nearby (Pitt and CMU) and plenty of tech companies. City is cold (obviously).
    Nov 8 0


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