Places to Invest in Austin TX

Apple eJiE27
Mar 19 11 Comments

I am looking for rental investment in Austin and would like to know which are the good location

1) Comes under good public school for elementary and middle school. High school ranking can be discounted
2) Good accessibility to Google, Facebook , Apple , Amazon offices or close to tech scenario.

Max budget is 300K total property value.

Currently working in Bay Area.

TC : 320.


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  • Bazaarvoice / Legal aaustin
    North Austin is growing. All tech is in north. Parmer lane near the new Apple campus may be the best bet.
    Mar 19 2
    • False, all tech is not north.

      Google is down town and just leased a whole tower that's not even built yet.

      Facebook is down town.

      There are a dozen pre-ipo/acquired/mid size tech companies and nearly the entire startup scene down town.

      SolarWinds is southwest, Indeed is west Oracle is south...
      Mar 21
    • Oracle / Eng Larry elli
      Domain is developing to be tge next downtown. Tech scene in North >>> conpared to South Austin. That said there companies down south.but if you consider future appreciation north Austin has higher prospect.
      Mar 24
  • Amazon / R&D

    Amazon R&D

    Anywhere near UT if you want student housing revenue
    Mar 19 0
  • If you're only looking for a condo, why do you care about the schools? Families aren't moving in to downtown condos they're moving into the burbs. There are lots of hot spots you could pick up a decent condo but if good schools is a must forget it.
    Mar 21 2
    • Apple eJiE27
      Shouldn't condo have better Rent / mortgage payment ratio given lower the mortgage and people might would like to rent close to good schools ? also I am starting to invest in rental property first time so maintenance should be less hassle for condo.
      Mar 22
    • Condos are small. People with families aren't looking for small, single professionals are.
      Mar 22
  • Bloomberg / Eng UFEn11
    Lol because of bay area people, you can no longer find a 300k property near UT, that's not 40+ years old. Downtown is bay area prices already. Thanks Cali!
    Mar 19 1
    • Apple eJiE27
      I am looking only condo , there are property around UT
      Mar 19
  • Bazaarvoice / Sales aaustin
    Indeed is in north west - just FYI
    Mar 21 0
  • Bazaarvoice / Sales aaustin
    Facebook moving out of downtown to domain new tower as well as Parmer innovation new building
    Mar 21 0


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