Places to to in Japan?

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Mar 6 6 Comments

Have a 2 week vacation coming up soon to Tokyo. Any cool places I should go? Probably going to end up getting a rail pass

tc 20$


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  • Facebook / Eng5'6"Indian
    Fukushima to achieve FIRE status.
    With a changed life expectancy, you can retire early knowing you won't have to save as much
    Mar 60
  • Uber didify
    You can TO in Tokyo obviously!
    Mar 60
  • Robinhood hood
    Wanna go and see the Mount Fuji?
    Mar 60
  • Facebook Probe
    The definitive picture you want to take to show everyone you went to Japan is to go to Kyoto and take a picture at the Fushimi Inari shrine.
    Mar 60
  • Salesforce abtbsb
    check out their natural hot springs (onsen), traditional bathhouses, eat some Kobe beef, visit tsukiji market, Tokyo crossing, akihabara for anime and electronics (big camera is a cool electronics chain store), shibuya and shinjuku for fashion, robo restaurant was interesting, owl cafe, shiba cafe, maid cafe, hedgehog cafe. Tokyo Disney by the sea - v differently from the Disney parks in US - you have to experience it at least once in a lifetime. There’s just so much to see and so much to do in Tokyo!
    Mar 70
  • General Motors ch1n
    If you are a foodie: Osaka. Remember to visit the Onsen, best experience ever (if you have tattoo, you may get reject entry), you will feel like a nice warm bake cookie afterward. They have massage and food there too. Kyoto is a must visit, you can station there and take the bullet train to nearby cities.
    Mar 60

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