Places to visit in Hawaii.

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Mar 19 15 Comments

Hey guys,
I am planning to visit Hawaii for 5 days. What are the islands/places you would recommend to visit?

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  • Arista Networks kcEC86
    Go to Maui. Stay at Black Rock beach and drive the road to Hana.
    Mar 19 2
    • Apple / Eng Iron Hide
      Awesome! Thanks!
      Mar 19
    • Amazon TPMs
      Also visit Haleakala mountain park
      Mar 19
  • Microsoft BarFoo
    Go to the Big Island and watch the lava flows and go visit the observatory.
    Mar 19 1
    • Bayer macys
      Lava flow has completely stopped, after recent eruption.
      Mar 19
  • Apple OEOR30
    Haleakala (you’ve got to register in advance), road to Hana; eat at mamas fish house.
    Go snorkel at turtle island.
    Mar 19 0
  • Maui!!!!!

    Haleakala is phenomenal. Wake up early and drive up at 4am to catch the sunrise at 6. (Exact time depends on season)

    If you are driving road to hana, go the extra miles to drive down to Oheo Gulch (7 pools) and hike Pipiwai Trail.

    5 days is about perfect amount of time to spend on Maui.
    Mar 19 1
    • Nutanix hmbsjc1
      LOL. Wife got me a trip to Maui for my 30th (Clinton was still President then).
      We did the trip to Haleakala. They warned us it would be cold. We didn’t believe it because lowland Maui is humid/hot year around. The mountain top was literally freezing at 6am. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.
      Funny now, but I’m pretty sure my testicles ascended into my abdomen due to the severe cold.
      If you go up there, wear layers!!
      Mar 19
  • Oracle edsav
    Why do you get so less being at Apple?
    Mar 19 0
  • Amazon Koh Samui
    Big island has a lot of different types of beauty and climates all in one place. Tropical rainforest with waterfalls around Hilo. Mostly always sunny in Kona. High elevation deserts and sometimes snow. Coffee growing and avocados. Volcanoes. Some clear water beaches and even a green sand beach. Great place to visit. Big Island is my favorite.
    Mar 19 1
    • Amazon idbslw
      I second this but I haven’t been to the other islands. But I was super impressed with everything to do on BI. There’s great snorkeling and so much wildlife like turtles, dolphins, rays, and fish. There’s an awesome black sand beach and so many amazing views all over the island.
      Mar 27
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Kuaui for sure.
    Mar 19 0
  • Bayer macys
    Try coconut shrimp 🍤... it’s kickass in Hawaii
    Mar 19 0
  • Pinterest poissons
    Check the seasonal wave patterns to decide which part of the island to stay for calmer waters:
    Mar 20 0
  • Amazon


    Go to TripAdvisor
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