Plaid mode???

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Sep 12 7 Comments

Anyone knows how it runs?

Excited about it and the Nürburgring lap it will do...


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Cisco Lazarus20
    Do you guys get tired of Musk embarrassing himself?
    Sep 12 1
    • Tesla VXvWsd
      You ever get tired of taking yourself too seriously?
      Sep 14
  • Microsoft goddamnit
    It’s 3 motors - two in the rear and one in the front. The Roadster is planned to be that way, too, and looks like they’ve already been building prototypes for Model S and Model X to bring that to those platforms.
    Sep 12 0
  • Roku cruella
    So 60s!

    What’s next? Flannels?
    Sep 12 1
    • Microsoft goddamnit
      Do you know what “Plaid mode” refers to?
      Sep 17
  • Tesla sEBd72
    Roadster mule
    Sep 17 0


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