Planning to Relocate to India

Salesforce YYge13
Apr 17 8 Comments

Currently lmts at Salesforce in San Francisco and want to relocate to hyderabad, India. What kind of salary adjustment I should expect in India and will salary India depend on current salary in San Francisco or there are some guidelines? What range should I expect?


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  • PayPal tyou
    How many years did you live in the US OP ? Are you moving due to family reasons ?
    Apr 17 0
  • Motorola / Eng ffTx04
    Expect to get much lower salary. Even if it's adjusted for cost of living. There is a reason why American companies move offices to India and Eastern Europe.
    Apr 17 0
  • Salesforce YYge13
    Yeah I need to move due to family reasons. I have Masters and 10 yoe in usa. My current Tc is ~307k.
    Apr 17 1
    • Motorola / Eng ffTx04
      I guess it doesn't matter how much you get in the US. India has a different market and you'll get the same amount as other engineers. I hope you understand, you'll have a big decline in your income and quality of life. If you have any, any possibility to stay - do that.
      Apr 17
  • Apple goodman1
    What is your current tc?
    Apr 17 0
  • Salesforce / Eng

    Salesforce Eng

    Tata Consultancy Services
    Lead software engineer at Salesforce
    Salesforce india pay is good. DM for details. I recently relocated from india to SFO.
    Apr 19 1
    • Salesforce Marc B
      Wow. H1 or L1?
      Apr 20
  • xyAB123
    If you have been earning and saving well in US for last 10 years then you probably have enough savings that you might not even have the need to work once you go back
    Apr 18 0