Platform to trade pre IPO stocks

Ellie Mae SxmE80
Sep 3 9 Comments

Hi everyone,
Looking for platforms to trade pre IPO stocks (options and RSU).

PS: PRE IPO and not post IPO public stocks.


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  • Quora c63Grb
    ESO Fund
    Liquid Stock
    SPVs by connected individuals

    But many employee contracts have restrictions. There are workarounds if you're a motivated seller. Let me know.
    Sep 3 0
  • Amazon nononosql
    I think you give it back to your company in lieu of cash
    Sep 3 0
  • New / Design cockball
    Noob question: what is rsu?
    Sep 3 2
  • Ellie Mae SxmE80
    Restricted Stock Unit
    Sep 4 0
  • Ellie Mae SxmE80
    Thanks @Quora.. I have a family member who wants to buy and is asking. He is selling part of his RE portfolio. His risk appetite is pretty high so looking for pre IPO..
    Sep 3 0
  • Dropbox vpmO82
    Forge. I think secondmarket is dead years ago.
    Also, it is not so much trade. You either buy or sell when they have offering, not exactly a market place where you can trade whenever you want.
    Sep 3 0
  • Ellie Mae SxmE80
    Views and likes but no response. Will wait...
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