Pleasanton to San Bruno

Disney LP182
May 11 5 Comments

Anyone commute from Pleasanton to San Bruno through BART or tech commuter bus?

How are the logistics? Any tips / things to keep in mind?

I’m aware the commute is long. Past that stage of evaluating other areas.


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  • It is the worst .. I take my office shuttle from Pleasanton to San Bruno .. average return time is 1.5 hours - 2 hours. SB is a terrible location as it is not accessible by Bart and traffic is mad crossing the bridge. There is only Caltrain which is useless if you are in the east bay.
    May 11 3
    • Beckon / Eng dBqe01
      There is a bart next to target? I can even walk to the office when I am not in hurry.
      May 11
    • Disney LP182
      Do you ever take Bart either direction?
      May 11
    • Oh that Bart - it’s a nightmare and a bad joke. The SB extension from Daly City adds another 30 to 45 mins (on top of the existing 1.5 hr commute) including wait and transfer time and walk to your office. Just that stretch can sometime take 1 hr if you miss the connection. There is no Bart to SB unless it cuts across the bay without looping around - it’s like going to Seattle from Bay Area via Canada !!
      May 12
  • F5 Networks buzz-word
    1.15 each way. But you can sit and relax
    May 12 0