Possible openings for LinkedIn NYC Data Science in the near future?

Slice / Data chipmonkey
Oct 15 2 Comments

Hoping there are people here who can predict the future or some who know the potential open headcount for Q4/Q1 data science in NYC. I would just really love to work there, but I've only spotted one DS opening in the last year or so if I recall correctly.

Was even considering going for the data analyst opening at the moment, might even be a higher TC than my current one (half joking, but still)

4 yoe
130 TC


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  • LinkedIn oeKY66
    Can't predict the future but there aren't any DS teams in NYC AFAIK. There is an AI team however.
    Oct 16 0
  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
    On a similar note is LinkedIn NYC hiring MLEs?
    Oct 15 0


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