Possible to get an internship with 2.8 GPA?

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Graduate Researcher @ USC - Information Sciences Institute
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In 2nd Semester of Master's, which started Spring '19 (at a top 5 CS uni in California). 1st Sem got screwed up bad (a family member passed away), took a lot of time to get back on track. Apart from that, profile is pretty decent, as I am a hard-working guy.
Undergrad GPA : 3.77
3 Research Publications in undergrad
2 Research internships in undergrad
Multiple leadership roles both in Undergrad and in Grad.
Grad profile :
Currently a grad researcher at a top research institute at my uni here(4 selected out of 150 applicants). Have participated in hackathons here (even finished 6th out of 42 teams in self-driving car one). Have multiple projects.
Recruiters from Amazon, Lyft and Salesforce gave their personal emails and asked my resume at ICML this year. I guess I am pretty good at soft skills and at giving a pitch. But I felt held back bcz of my current 2.8 GPA, so didn't reply. Not even confident enough to attend career fairs, most companies ask for minimum 3.0 for internships. I won't be able explain why my GPA is low. Although , I am confident that by end of MS I will have at least 3.3+. With utmost sincerity, I just need some guidance from the experienced people out there, after knowing about my background. It's high time on internship season. I am grateful for any advice you guys give. Thanks.

Leetcode - 105 | Python
TC : 48K
Yoe : 0


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  • VMware tSDh65
    I don’t think GPAs matter a lot. As someone pointed out here, no need to mention it on the resume. Only if you’re a resident alien here on a student visa there’s something like a minimum Gpa of 3.0 to get your CPT approved if I remember correct. Otherwise you should be good. Go ahead and start applying.
    Sep 30 0
  • Amazon / Eng BHGHEUJSH
    Some really brilliant people are not good at taking test. As a hiring manager, I care least about your GPA. GPA doesn’t tell me weather you can take pressure and learn on the fly. So I would rather be interested in your completed projects , internship and your tech savviness than your no-measure GPA. I Never ever asked anyone for GPA. Mine was 2.98 and Now my TC is 450. So screw the GPA and get to work.
    Sep 30 2
    • New / Other MZA
      Thanks a lot, your words seriously reinforced my confidence back. I am seriously gonna go all in for this, will definitely update later.
      Sep 30
    • Amazon / Eng Pint0Beans
      Go for it man, after middle school,high school is a reset, after high school, college is a reset and right after graduation new job is a reset. One doesn’t define how well you do in the next. So you graduate and start fresh. Go all in. You will be very successful . Just don’t get comfortable and keep pushing yourself. Good luck and GodSpeed
      Sep 30
  • Uber
    🍌 Bananas


    🍌 Bananas more
    The person who wrote cracking the coding interview had a 2 point something gpa
    Sep 30 2
    • Salesforce / Eng Full-Send
      Gayle Laakman. Gosh I would totally marry her. 😅
      Sep 30
    • Abbott / Eng 3001
      She hot asf
      Sep 30
  • Yelp / Eng

    Yelp Eng

    Cruise Automation
    I graduated with a 2.4 gpa and got jobs anyway
    Sep 30 1
    • Amazon kebab
      Brother ! :)
      Sep 30
  • Facebook tc_or_gtfo
    FAANG here, had a 2.6 GPA and still got an internship
    Sep 30 0
  • American Express D.BCooper
    I had a 2.7 undergrad, 3.4 on MBA. Doing a mathematics masters soon and I've been informed that can tank your gpa

    One fat guy once told me "we cut off at 3.0 for our program" paying 48k lol. Ill never forget that.

    Edit: had no problem getting a tech job with a 2.7
    Sep 30 0
  • Visa godinme
    GPA is just a number. Many companies don’t have 3.0+ as a hard requirement. I know a buddy of mine who got into Microsoft as an Intern with <3.0 GPA. Just make sure you bring it above 3.0 by the end of your Master’s.
    Sep 30 1
    • New / Other MZA
      You mean during Master's?
      Sep 30
  • Amazon / Eng SmkWdEvyDy
    My GPA was 2.7 and I had multiple internships. I don't recall it ever coming up. Some places will specifically say minimum 3.0 or 3.5. Just ignore them. If no minimum is listed, the company probably doesn't care.
    Sep 30 0
  • Indeed / Eng uPrj01
    No one cares about gpa. They care about LC
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