Post IPO money. Where to spend?

Netflix snowjohn
May 25 24 Comments

Once 6 months lock up period is over this fall, what would you do with the money?
Buy house, car? Invest?


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  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    Re-tire my car
    May 25 0
  • Pinterest PJqy52
    I'll likely sell 100% of what I will have ($1.5m post taxes in 6 months assuming our price stays flat) and invest it into my index funds. I'll keep working here for another couple years and possibly hold onto some of the stock, accumulating it at about $75k per month after taxes.

    ie no major purchases planned, just investment diversification. In a few years this will enable me to do what I want.
    May 26 9
    • Pinterest PJqy52
      Yeah we're about 20% up at current prices
      May 26
    • Oath OPnd70
      Good for you dude and congrats! The Mrs at Pin too or is she elsewhere?
      May 26
    • Oath OPnd70
      Ah sorry. You guys married or not there yet? But your SO works in tech?
      May 26
    • Pinterest Refri
      How come you have 7.5k * 2*12 > 1.5m RSU every year after the 4 year cliff?
      May 26
    • New / Mktg

      New Mktg

      Awesome! I wish I was in that position. I'd quit immediately
      May 28
  • Drift UOSN85
    Going to move out of the Bay Area, rent our homes here (one is already a rental) and chill somewhere in ID, MT, NV side of Tahoe, CO, N.Az or N.NM.
    May 25 3
    • Roku norteking
      Did drift ipo? What is drift?
      May 25
    • Drift UOSN85
      It’s not my only pile of IPO stock, but yes, Drift is on pace for sure.
      May 25
    • Roku norteking
      What’s your other ipo?
      May 25
  • Oath OPnd70
    Pray it doesn’t depreciate another 50% when lockup expires.
    May 26 0
  • Intel WarenBufet
    You are thinking too much. You likely won’t be left much after 6 months. You will likely save up your money and continue to work.
    May 26 0
  • Twitter kuhgh
    Retire please
    May 25 0
  • Equifax
    aka FB


    Chase Paymentech
    aka FBmore
    May 25 0
  • New / Eng blindor
    My bank account.
    May 25 0
    • Netflix fuckjava
      Fuck! $3.25B worth of stocks were given to employees... hope all of those are not for Bay Area employees...
      Jun 2
  • Dropbox topbox
    Buy a boat 😂
    Jun 1 0
  • Square / Eng sraf
    Buy a house in MTV.
    May 26 0


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