Post-MBA Investment Banking Associate comp

Google PSBudd
Jun 7 9 Comments

What the typical post-MBA Investment Banking Associate yearly comp at bulge bracket banks in the SF Bay Area (TMT)? How much lower is the compensation at middle market and boutique banks? Also can someone give me a typical breakdown of the comp (base, bonus, equity etc.?)


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  • ING Group / Finance UBwD66
    By New York standards, base for an associate is around 100k with 50k bonus
    Jun 10 2
    • Credit Karma yir312
      Jun 10
    • Chase Texas92
      That’s more like analyst pay
      Nov 6
  • LinkedIn / Other ZerotoIPO
    1st year: 150K base, 100K bonus. Add on 80K sign on bonus.
    2nd year: 175K base, 150K bonus
    3rd year: 200K base, 200K bonus

    Bonus is usualky cash, but some give equity inside.

    It’s not lower in middle market. Boutiques like evercore, centerview, qatalyst are higher.
    Jun 7 3
    • Google PSBudd
      I think you meant $100K and $150K bonus in the first and second year? So TC of $250K, $325K and $400K in years 1, 2 and 3. Are the $75K increases YoY set? Thanks!
      Jun 7
    • LinkedIn / Other ZerotoIPO
      Yeah sorry. On the toilet typing.
      Jun 7
    • LinkedIn / Other ZerotoIPO
      Yeah pretty set. Some ranges depending how you do, but not by much
      Jun 7
  • Scotiabank 0xFU
    What kind of role gets paid this?? I want to switch.

    Is it PE? M&A?

    If I get an MBA can I switch from SWE to IB?
    Jun 10 1
    • LinkedIn / Other busyops
      This is IB either in leveraged finance, M&A or industry specialist. Yes get an MBA if you want this. The hours are grueling 70 hours average. The people are also a bit more abrasive than at technology firms
      Jun 10


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