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New / IT otollo2308
Jun 28 7 Comments

So I might graduate next year with a software engineering degree but I haven’t had an internship in software engineering, only desktop support after my freshman year. Do you think it’s possible to secure a job straight after I graduate or should I bank on an internship first? I’m trying to shoot my shot at the big companies btw (google, Microsoft, Facebook, apple, amazon and etc)
FYI: I’m an international student atm


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  • Gilt / Eng tc 🤔
    Its possible but pretty hard. New grad without an internship. Try to get something this Summer, or during school
    Jun 28 2
    • New / IT otollo2308
      I’m catching up on some classes this summer so I couldn’t take up an internship
      Jun 28
    • Gilt / Eng tc 🤔
      Why would you prioritize classed over internships?? Some of my friends would push graduation to winter just to get more internships at big companies. Internships have a much higher chance of landing you a full time job.
      Jun 29
  • Cisco techgeek22
    Sometimes its not about your job experience but about your projects you did during engineering. For no to less experience candidates, it’s necessary to focus on grades and projects.
    Jun 28 1
    • Amazon / Eng nutboy39
      You need some pretty significant/chunky projects to make up for a total lack of experience. Not to say that it’s impossible to land a BigN job without prior experience, but there are just so many fresh grads that do have it. You need some differentiator.
      Jun 28
  • New / Eng *(void*)0
    If you don’t have at least one internship on your resume, you can say bye-bye to FANG (at new grade level). If you are from Europe, that’ll be even harder (but not impossible).
    Jun 28 0
  • American Express lwjG82
    I think it might be hard for you to get sponsored at fanng
    Jun 28 0


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