Pre-Interview conversations with recruiter. Pushing for compensation range.

Pure Storage blingboob3
Jul 19 9 Comments

I have a recruiter pushing me to give him/her a salary range before they decide to move forward with my candidacy for a few positions.

They're insisting that they need to ensure my expectations fit into their headcount budget on the teams interested.

I normally preach not giving a number under any circumstances as it diminishes my position during post interview negotiating.

Does anyone have ideas? I am interested in the company but want to avoid giving the number out at any cost.

TC: 150k/15%/90k

Yoe: 6.5 years. Senior Software Engineer, MTS4.


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  • Databricks Gjsmze
    Insist on knowing their boundaries and if it's within say 20% of your desire, say it's within the ballpark.
    Jul 19 0
  • Facebook MhFm41
    Ask them what the level the position is plus the salary band. By law they have to disclose that information now. And lawfully they are no longer allowed to ask what you made previously which is why they frame it in this way. You could be leaving money on the table if they don't tell you first. Especially for engineering positions.
    Jul 19 3
    • Pure Storage meemeep
      How is that the law they must tell you the level and band?
      Jul 19
    • Facebook MhFm41
      1st A.B. 168 California employers are prohibited from seeking salary history as a factor for determine whether to offer employment or what salary to offer applicant. 2nd- AB 2282 under California Equal Pay Act employers must upon reasonable request provide the applicant with the pay scale that corresponds to the position sought. Look it up!!
      Jul 19
    • Pure Storage meemeep
      Jul 19
  • McAfee / Other

    McAfee Other

    20+ YOE as a sales engineer.
    It isn’t unreasonable to tell them what you “expect”. All negotiations are give-get. You give them something and they give you something. Not following this will mark you out as a noob who is easy to manipulate.
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  • Facebook Dkevin
    Ask them their range and you'll decide for yourself.
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  • Pure Storage meemeep
    Yo wuddup
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  • Reddit zobw
    Never give current salary, but you could try to give a really high number. The risk is they balk and think you'll be too unwilling to accept their offer. You at least won't be anchored too low. If you're really interested in the company you could just also seek counter offers to come back with (though you should probably do this regardless). If they do seem surprised at your high number, you could ask for typical ranges and then decide and let them know whether you would be willing to accept, given you are so interested in the company.
    Jul 19 0