Pre certified or Used cars - Bay Area

Oracle / Eng I@m
Jun 27 4 Comments

Where do you guys search for used cars in Bay Area? Do you use any app or website like CarGurus? Please leave your recommendation in comments.



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  • New cbbu61
    Depends on the car
    Jun 27 2
    • Oracle / Eng I@m
      What resources do you usually use?
      Jun 27
    • New cbbu61
      You should befriend someone with a Manheim subscription so that they can tell you how much used cars are going for at auctions as that is what happens to used cars very often. Based on that you figure dealers mark up 15-20 on top of that. Find the exact one you want on eBay, CarGurus or whatever. Follow the car you want for a while. Cars that do not sell become liabilities to the dealer after some time and they need to turn them over to make a profit. Always make an offer that fits where you're comfortable above the auction price but significantly below the 15-20 markup. Wait. If it doesn't go thru find another car and repeat until you find a deal. Don't be emotional about the car. it’s a business transaction to the dealer’s favor
      Jun 27
  • Amazon / Eng gcvvzws
    Jun 27 0