Premium processing for new Visa transfers

Syntel blindtechy
Feb 18 10 Comments

So according to USCIS website it appears premium visa processing would resume from tomorrow, 19th Feb 2019. Does that include new Visa transfers as well?


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  • Cerner / Eng Zenobia
    Waiting 6-8 months just for visa transfer seems worst esp when you are stuck up in a bad role/company which doesn’t help much with your career. I am also thinking of Canada options.
    Feb 18 1
    • Amazon kuchnai
      Imagine the people who are waiting for a lottery to be picked up for 3 years in a row and can’t travel because it takes them ages to even tell you if your lottery got selected. It sucks!
      Feb 18
  • Facebook Qrrkkk
    Consider leave on receipt.
    Feb 18 2
    • LinkedIn


      Goldman Sachs
      If transfer got rejected while you were working at the new employer, can you immediately go back to previous employer?
      Feb 18
    • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
      No, old employer will need to pay you for the time you were away as if you never left to continue on the same visa. Almost never happens so need to file new
      Feb 18
  • Marvell tyuio789
    No it does not. Only for applications made on or before December 21st 2018.
    Feb 18 2
    • Syntel blindtechy
      This is bad. Very bad and frustrating and annoying. Feeling like a puppet now.
      Feb 18
    • Marvell tyuio789
      Don’t think they’ll open up premium anytime soon; this administration has really screwed people over
      Feb 18
  • Cloudera hkhfc56t
    No. It’s for transfers filed before Dec. 21, 2018.

    Legal immigration is going to be even tougher if republicans re-elected for next term.
    Feb 18 0
  • eBay / Product

    eBay Product

    Yes I think. I know someone who is going to apply for new visa transfer tomorrow
    Feb 18 0


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