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May 5 9 Comments

Strategy to buy preowned SUV AWD <10k miles on it.
Which place online or dealer in bayarea ?
best way to compare from all platforms ?


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  • Qualtrics ❄️IsComing
    In the SUV market I personally found that the price of very lightly used CPO vehicles is very close to the price of a new vehicle with promotions and after haggling. So check that out as well. With new vehicle you also gets latest techs and longer warranty. If you want lot of options then used vehicles can get significantly cheaper because added options depreciates more
    May 50
  • Facebook liam
    Lease, don't buy
    May 63
    • New / Engifys31
      What if you’re over the car after a year or two, want something else, and it’s a 3 year lease? You then have to pay full penalties to break the lease.
      May 6
    • Intel %02x
      Depends on estimated mileage per year...better off buying used for long commutes
      May 6
    • Qualtrics ❄️IsComing
      Depends on leasing company. In most cases you can sell your remaining lease at swaplease
      May 6
  • Apple fyPm13
    Buy a CPO bimmer with extended warranty which will take care of you for next 4 years ... Bmw cpos are super cheap
    May 60
  • Cvent / ProductmrBm18
    Cpo is pointless. Just buy a used toyota/lexus and pay a trusted mechanic to do a pre purchase inspection
    May 60
  • Okta doll$h
    Have heard good things about Shift
    May 50
  • LinkedIn hECl85
    Give a try it on Fair App.
    May 50

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