Prime Day Is Coming!

Amazon bananassss
Jul 1 11 Comments

Hopefully our site doesn’t crash this year, hahaha.


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  • Facebook public2
    Do people here still shop on amazon?
    Jul 1 9
    • Microsoft uYDs9i
      Where do you do most of your shopping now @public2? Just curious.
      Jul 1
    • Amazon / Eng prestige🧐
      I do all my shopping on facebook marketplace 😂👌
      Jul 1
    • FactSet BepH10
      Sorry I don't get the eBay part. So you are saying your online orders from Amazon are being shipped from Costco, Walmart etc.? I am surprised since I have not experienced that so far. I would be curious if there are others who have experienced this?
      Jul 1
    • Facebook public2
      All of my shopping is done on other ecommerce sites. I usually check costco first for most things because of the customer service. Pretty much everyone offers fast, free ~2 day delivery now. The ebay part meant amazon stopped selling things themselves and went full on marketplace which is now 3rd party sellers and drop shippers. I've had several products arrive "sold by amazon" in a Walmart or Costco package. Straight up arbitrage. I complained and of course amazon customer service was great and offered to refund and add addition months on prime but never addressed my question if this was allowed. It's probably why they dropped the price matching as well. It's brilliant as a business though, they don't have to sell products at low margins, let 3rd parties sell them, and charge them for advertising their goods. Amazon will make a lot more high margin profit but as a consumer it sucks.
      Jul 1
    • Netflix mr.clippy
      Amazon for research. Then just about any other site for the actual purchase if I can get a better price (which isn’t hard).
      Jul 1
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    • Microsoft xiezZ6
      The joke is getting old. Please move on.
      Jul 1