PrimeAir Seattle Hiring Event Nov 4th

Amazon tdubya
Sep 23 6 Comments

Hello folks,

Our PrimeAir team in Seattle will be having a hiring event Nov 4th for Software Engineers level 5 and level 6 to work with robotics, contols and AI teams to design the software that will go on the Amazon drones and develop future iterations. What we are looking for are the following

* 3 -10 years of industry experience software development (any language)
*Have NOT interviewed with Amazon in the last 9-12 months.

If you are interested please send me a private message. We are starting scheduling interviews


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Expedia Group ÷by
    Got a friend with 15 years of mechanical engineering experience. Any good points of contact you’d recommend?
    Sep 23 0
  • Oracle cc’ed
    No, thanks. Have heard PrimeAir has one of the worst WLBs.
    Sep 23 1
    • Amazon tdubya
      Lol who told you that? The attrition rate is low, alot of internal transfers/referrals. We are having this event to help with stsffing expanded positions and new teams. I think you might want to. Get first hand data vs "I HEARD" data because i can also go off "I heard" data about Oracle like the WLB sucks, Pay sucks, dated tech stack, and career progression is blah, and my favorite external attrition is high, but again its just "I heard"
      Sep 23
  • Amazon tdubya
    Yup we have roles for them. Not at the event, but we have opening
    Sep 23 0
  • Amazon tdubya
    Recruiter interviews do not coumt. Only phone screen or loops
    Sep 23 0
  • Facebook QdeD76
    When you say “has not interviewed” does recruiter interview count? Or full loop?
    Sep 23 0


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