Problem with good WLB culture

Pinger / Engcreate💻
Feb 8 14 Comments

It seems companies that have good work/life balance would be plagued by these problems:
- chatty office culture
- hard to find coworkers because they are taking a long lunch break or at the car repair shop, etc
- people (especially managers) that are OK spending the day in any low-value meeting they are invited to
- emphasis of soft skills over technical skills (in promotion considerations, etc)

I am off base on any of these?


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  • This is not wlb this is lazyness
    Feb 80
  • eBay YAgV34
    Lack of wlb will lead to terrible life, employees churn and non innovative work. What do you prefer?
    Feb 80
  • Google / Eng


    Northrop Grumman
    You need to be able to work async to make it work, without depending on your coworkers for lengthy periods of time. People prune meetings judiciously in order to remain productive and focus on high impact efforts. Chattiness at work doesn't stem from good wlb, but chattiness at home might... In any case the mentality is that you're free to chat and responsible for producing results regardless of the decision you make to chat or not.
    Feb 81
  • Take it you dislike socializing with your co-workers?
    Feb 81
    • Pinger / Engcreate💻
      Maybe not at my desk non-stop
      Feb 8
  • Netflix / ProductThats_It
    The higher up you move in any organization, there will be more emphasis on soft skills.
    Feb 80
  • LinkedIn / OpsSpin_Move
    Chatty office culture at LI is not due entirely to wlb, it's also due to the "relationship" culture and the open office layout. The office layout has now been studied and shown to decrease some productivity and doesn't foster as much collab as they thought it would (although it does allow for more comaraderie).

    For low value mtgs - My personal approach is to call out low value meetings if I see them happening, and to point out (politely obviously) when a topic could have been served over email, or if two ppl needed to resolve something offline before bringing everyone together to make it more impactful for a wider audience. I think that's on us to change the culture to be more productive/critically minded and less lazy.

    Skills - I've seen this vary by team so maybe just depends on your org. It IS annoying tho to see some ppl get promo'ed just for good soft skills when your own team demands high craftsmanship/technical execution. That's a tops-down leadership issue.
    Feb 82
    • Pinger / Engcreate💻
      Feb 8
    • How about promoted into a new position so they can’t do any more damage? 😮
      Feb 8
  • Salesforce KeepItUpBr
    Yep. My team has gone towards better WLB as product matured. Also from people just getting things done to mostly people that spend time making things sound more complicated than they actually are (e.g. a bunch of unnecessary meetings talking about it instead of just getting it done)
    Feb 80
  • LinkedIn gofahu
    I think most of the things you said are orthogonal to WLB. Some work cultures expect employees to be in the office 12 hours a day, but they're still the way you describe. And some work hard & play hard.

    We emphasize technical accomplishment and useful meetings, but yes, some individuals and teams are more chatty. If you have important work to do, you'll focus, even if it's 7-8 hours a day.
    Feb 80
  • LinkedIn nJFE36
    So you want 996?
    Feb 81
    • Pinger / Engcreate💻
      Just asking if the correlation I mention is real or not
      Feb 8

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