Product Culture at Cruise?

Uber / Product Leaning In
Jul 22 8 Comments

Got reached out for a Senior Technical PM role and just wondering what the scope is like, product culture, etc I’m an ex engineer but been doing product for ~ 10 years. Is this an L5 equivalent role vs Uber, etc?

I’ve heard some bad stories around toxicity so just curious is this still true?


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  • Cruise Automation sPfa04
    The PMT team is actually a great group of people - down to earth, hard working. The company just doesn’t know what to do with them, given decisions are all Eng driven.
    Jul 22 2
    • NVIDIA coolpm
      That’s the case with almost any AI / DL intensive products I think.
      Jul 22
    • Cruise Automation sPfa04
      However the PMTs at Cruise aren’t directly working on AI / DL. They build infrastructure and internal tools to enable AV Engineers to be more productive.
      Jul 22
  • New Cvr27
    Jul 22 1
  • Cruise Automation powergrab
    I wouldn’t recommend Cruise, esp for a PM role, tbh. Heard a lot of organizational dysfunction and bad inexperienced management on the team. The attrition rate is also quite high in the product organization from my understanding.
    Jul 23 0
  • Cruise Automation buttnaked
    Lol dan kan lol
    Jul 25 0
  • Cruise Automation yikesk
    Just to give an example of a PM’s day - they are shut inside a room with other PMs to analyze issues for days on end. Its more bad management and lack of maturity among leadership than toxic.
    Jul 22 0


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