Product Industry Transfer?

JPMorgan Chase SBuc31
Nov 20 3 Comments

I work as a product manager for the investment bank at JPM.

How difficult would it be to translate my product know-how to other industries (ie. consumer, digital health, social impact) at an established tech company or start up if I know finance isn’t my “passion”?

Been here for ~ one year. Is better to leave sooner rather than later? Or develop my product expertise a while longer?


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  • New PPcn28
    Can I ask why you want to leave?
    Nov 20 1
  • Activision Blizzard / Mktg dglq25
    Try to get some networking done and get a referral. I’ve hired for a few product teams and have seen a wide variety of people coming in from different things. The one that stands out is the guy that was a PM for dog food. We interviewed (but didn’t hire) him. If you can show passion and aren’t coming in too high you have a shot. What level are you looking for?
    Nov 20 0


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