Product Interview @ Cruise

Microsoft OXkt37
Jul 31 9 Comments

I have an onsite interview with Cruise next week for a PM role. Any ideas on what to expect for the onsite? Any ideas on what to expect for the WLB and culture at Cruise?

TC: 250
YoE: 6 years


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Cruise Automation rotifbs28
    Don’t do it
    Aug 1 4
    • Microsoft OXkt37
      Care to elaborate?
      Aug 1
    • Cruise Automation nopenopen
      Salty ex employees that is on multiple threads. Don't listen to him
      Aug 13
    • Cruise Automation goodluck27
      Sure, go ahead and dismiss people who have different experiences than you. This is my opinion, just like you are allowed to have your own opinion. Just because you love working at Cruise doesn’t mean that others share the same sentiments. Honestly, the utterly defensive and dismissive responses to comments from Cruisers to any company issues is the perfect indication of our culture.
      Aug 13
    • Cruise Automation nopenopen
      Maybe you should say something else than "don't do it" then and explain why you couldn't fit there and were let go instead of generalizing your case to all of Cruise
      Aug 13
  • Fitbit lba575
    What does a pm at cruise do exactly?
    Jul 31 0
  • General Motors SpeedRace
    I have an onsite interview for TPM role. Can you share your experience?
    Oct 19 0
  • General Motors SpeedRace
    How did it go? I have a tech interview over the phone next week. Is this supposed to be tech or behavioural?
    Oct 6 0
  • NerdWallet BmFb23
    How was it? Also what role?
    Aug 2 0


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