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New / Mgmt doom1411
Apr 5, 2018 10 Comments

Can anyone provide guidance on the base salary for a product manager role at eBay?


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  • Amazon Pee=Npee
    Been a PM in the Bay Area for over ten years. Worked in four different companies incl eBay. The median base salary you could realistically expect is about tree fiddy.
    Apr 5, 2018 4
    • New / Mgmt doom1411
      That seems very high
      Apr 5, 2018
    • Yeah no
      Apr 6, 2018
    • Amazon Bob!
      What is tree fiddy?!
      Mar 9
    • Udacity / Other puttintime
      It was about that time I realized...
      Jun 11
  • Facebook SKfs62
    I think you can at least get $200k+ total comp just to start.
    Feb 17 1
    • Capital One / Finance Rexxar
      That’s poverty in SF man
      Aug 22
  • New RNBLF
    On similar lines - how much should a Product Manager make with 7yrs of exp as a Product Manager and a master's from the US?
    Sep 2 2
    • Deloitte / Consultant

      Deloitte Consultant

      Senior Consultant
      Mba or anything else?
      Sep 12
    • New RNBLF
      MBA and MS
      Sep 12


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