Product Manager role at Uber

IBM Jake96
Aug 20, 2018 1 Comment

I cleared two phone interviews. The recruiter told me team would like to invite for on-site. I was planning to take two weeks of prep time for on-site. During the on-site scheduling call, she mentioned someone is coming on-site after a week for the same position.

No response to scheduling on-site for few days. I followed up and she said other candidate accepted the position I was planning to interview after two weeks.

I was taken aback. I badly wanted to interview there. Is this common? How would I convince them to at least let me do on-site interviews?


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  • Uber tropta
    The no response on scheduling is poor for for sure.

    However, if there was only one headcount for the position and it’s been filled, it would be a waste for you & the panel to have you go onsite.

    For product, openings are very specific, tied to the team and headcount usually very few (read: mostly one). Once a candidate meets the bar and they accept, hiring is done.

    This is different to eng, where openings are very generic and lots of headcount. So interviews keep ongoing as there are always more teams to allocate to.

    You can always chat with the recruiter if there are other openings you could be a fit for. Good luck!
    Aug 20, 2018 0