Product vs Program Manager in Gaming?

New Jj0GIX
Jul 5 5 Comments

In most AAA companies are they similar roles -- what are the differences and similarities between the two roles? I currently work in ops and was curious about the distinction between these two roles at gaming companies.

What's the difference at your company?


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  • Riot Games jcdp
    Riot doesn't do product management really. The two heads of the production discipline was just fired for basically not doing anything for years. As such there's no consistency across the org and you have such a broad range of effectiveness and a very low chance of anyone improving over time as there's no mentoring or training.
    Jul 5 2
    • Riot Games G8ADN86R
      Yeah. On the flip side, accountability is finally coming to Riot.

      I'd argue that Product Management is the most important discipline at Riot given how the PMs have a 51% say on decisions on the matrix etc. It's just hard and the discipline has been mis managed.
      Jul 5
    • Riot Games jcdp
      I keep hearing this but have no idea when it's actually going to happen. Complete vaporware.
      Jul 5
  • Activision Blizzard 86753on
    Some gaming companies might not even have both. Until a few years ago Blizzard didn’t have program managers.
    Jul 5 0
  • Riot Games utrr87ksi
    Different at each company. The importance of the role varies too with the type of games they are making. You have to ask specifics and see who is in charge of what things.
    Jul 5 0